All our favorites for both lunch and dinner all week - in a relaxed setting where everyone's welcome

At Struktur it’s all about our own favorites from the kitchen for both lunch and dinner Monday to Saturday. Order a main course and a glass of wine, or set your own menu from our smaller ‘Struktur-dishes’ and enjoy with paired cocktails. It’s all up to you. 

We look forward to welcoming you at Struktur!


Monday to Saturday from 11.30 am to 3.00 pm

Lunch menu of the day, kitchens choice

2 courses kr. 225,-   ..with wine pairing kr. 345,-

3 courses kr. 275,-   ..with wine pairing kr. 445,-


Oyster naturel, with grilled lemon & vinaigrette each   40,-
New potatoes with sorrel & airy smoked cheese   90,-
Carpaccio of salmon with tiger-milk & roasted almonds   90,-
Gratinated mussels & crispy croutons   90,-
Roasted Skagenfish with asparagus & ‘Havgus’-sauce   90,-
Chicken stewed in mustard sauce with pickled beech mushroom   90,-
Foie gras terrine with toasted brioche & apricot compote   170,-

Creamy chicken salad on roasted sourdough   150,-
Crispy & creamy lobster on toasted brioche   190,-
Moules frites   195,-
Salad with scallop, duck rilette & foie gras terrine   175,-
Classic steak tartare with fries & salad   210,-
Grilled danish beef striploin with fries & bearnaise   295,-
Turbot roasted on the bone, with gnocchi & turbot sauce   295,-

4 good cheeses with olives, pickled fruit & crispbread   145,-
Creme brulé & sorbet   110,-
Gateau Marcel with orange & vanilla ice cream   135,-
Classic lemon pie with soft meringue & lemon palm ice cream 120,-3 kinds of mini-macarons   55,-

Set menus

Spinach á la creme with morrels, croutons & orache

Norwegian lobster with tomatoes & lobster-chips

Roasted Skagenfish with parsley-creme, peas & lardo

Guinea fowl roasted with aromatic herbs, radish & potato confit in roasted chicken fat

Sorbet of elderflower with herb-chocolate, crispy waffle, white chocolate cream & vervain

2 courses
Skagenfish – Guinea fowl

3 courses
Skagenfish – Guinea fowl – Elderflower & chocolate

4 courses
Spinach – Skagenfish – Guinea fowl – Elderflower & chocolate

5 courses
Spinach – Norwegian lobster – Skagenfish – Guinea fowl – Elderflower & chocolate

Wine or cocktail pairing

2 glasses   kr. 200,-

3 glasses   kr. 300,-

4 glasses   kr. 375,-

5 glasses   kr. 450,-

‘An evening at Struktur’ kr. 1.195,-

Cocktail & snacks before dinner – 5 course menu – Wine- or cocktail pairing  – Coffee or the

Kids menu kr. 165,-

Grilled steak or roasted fish, pommes frites & salad

Kids dessert with ice cream & crumble


Oysters, perle blanche no.3   each 40,-

Crispy roll with duck confit & parsley cream, 2 pcs   65,-

Juniper-smoked potato chips with herb-dip  55,-

Chicken-chips with truffle cream   55,-

Green olives marinated with lemon zest & fresh bay leaf   45,-

Cured ham   65,-

Selection of snacks from the kitchen   145,-


All Struktur-courses are kr. 90,- each.

Struktur-courses are smaller courses for you to put together your own favorites. We recommend 4-5 for dinner. Or use one or two as starters before a main course; it’s your choice.

Two oysters with ‘nem-sauce’ & herb oil

Carpaccio of salmon with tiger’s milk & roasted almonds

Gratinated mussels & crispy croutons

Roasted Skagenfish with asparagus & ‘Havgus’-sauce

New potatoes with sorrel & airy smoked cheese

Chicken stewed in light mustard sauce with pickled beech mushrooms & crudité

Tartare of cured beef with tomato & toast melba

Braised beef with pickled beech mushrooms, salads, miso & mustard dressing

Rhubarb Trifle


Prunier Baerii caviar with crispy waffle & fresh cheese
15g 245,-   /   30g 460,-

Prunier Oscietra caviar with crispy waffle & fresh cheese
15g 310,-   /   30g 595,-

Norwegian Lobster-ravioli with fumé of lobster & smoked butter

Morrel stuffed with soufflé of turbot and morrel, served with morrel sauce

Salad with roasted scallop, duck confit & foie gras terrine

Crispy lobster & lobster salad on toasted brioche

Baerii caviar with siphon of smoked potato & hazelnut oil

Foie gras terrine, toasted brioche & abricot compote

Roasted foie gras with aromatic sauce filled with raw-pickled rhubarb, Madagascar pepper & Puy lentils

Main courses

Moules frites

Turbot roasted on the with, with fried gnocchi & sauce vierge

Roasted lobster, sauce bearnaise & french fries

Classic steak tartare with french fries

Duck leg confit with king oyster mushroom, salads & sauce demi-glace

Roasted Pluma from Iberico de Bellota with gnocchi & sauce filled with grilled bell peppers, Madagascar pepper, lemon and parsley

200 g Danish ribeye with bearnaise & french fries
295,- / +100 g ribeye 85,-

200 g Danish beef striploin with bearnaise & french fries
295,- / +100 g striploin 85,-

Add roasted foie gras –

Dessert & cheese

4 good cheeses, with olives, pickled fruit & crisp bread

Classic French lemon pie with soft meringue & lemon balm ice cream

Gateau Marcel with orange & vanilla ice cream from Bora Bora grand cru vanilla

Creme brulé & sorbet

Rhubarb Trifle

3 kinds of mini-macarons