Breakfast at Struktur

We serve our breakfast Friday til Sunday. Our breakfast consists of 9 courses served in 3 heats, with a paired juicemenu. The ambition is to create a breakfast experience, where you as a guest can tell, that the kitchen has put in the same energy and thought as you know from set evening menus. The current menu is always available on this page.

Our breakfast

9 courses served in 3 heats
Served with 3 glasses of paired juice menu
DKK 165,- per person


Our breakfast is served with 3 glasses of paired juices with the menu-

If you’re craving coffee or tea to start out your day, our selection is available right here.


Stempelkaffe kr. 45,-

Double espresso kr. 35,-

Americano kr. 35,-

Cortado kr. 38,-

Cappucino kr. 42,-

Caffé latte kr. 45,-


Our selection / kr. 45,- pot